Intro to USAbled & Humpfree: 6 Elements of a Winner

To begin, let me introduce Humpfree...


Humpfree is the model, brand ambassador, and voice for USAbled…but here’s the mind-blowing part - HUMPFREE IS FICTIONAL - that’s right, a pure figment of imagination (aka FAKE!). Since Humpfree proudly identifies as an ego-less thought in my head, he has the freedom to learn & grow from mistakes. Enjoy the ride.

Question #1: Humpfree, what does USAbled mean?
Answer: As a simple-minded primate who appreciates honesty, I have no clue. It simply occurred to me one day, I created it, my brain liked it, so it stuck. Obviously, it's a blend of USA (my favorite country) & Abled (something that I continually strive toward), but USAAbled looks ridiculous, so I mashed it up.

Question #2: Humpfree, what does the stylish eye-catching design

of your stunning logo represent?
Answer: To best explain, let’s explore the 6 Major Features

of this brilliant award-worthy symbol.


1 - The Cape = Confidence & Forward Momentum/Motion
This element is perfect because building self-esteem, growing, and generating & maintaining positive forward momentum & motion are powerful themes explored here at USAbled. Additionally, the majestic cape immediately oozes confidence & credibility because it manifests an immensely heroic Superman vibe while radiating strength and grace. This powerful feature also doubles as 
a tasteful way to pay homage to the legendary Reeve name - specifically the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation - who continues to serve the SCI community ...  Thank You Superman!

ig (1).jpg

2 - The Chair/Challenge = Adapting & Overcoming Obstacles
Symbolic of the battle we all go through - regardless of ability.
Speaking of Superman, EVERYONE shares something with The Man of Steel:
Throughout our brief time here on Earth, WE WILL ALL face temporary problems that are totally unavoidable (like a global pandemic) and need to be reckoned with. Other issues are permanent, like an amputation. 
All physical obstacles are unique and can range from annoyingly unpleasant (a hangnail) to downright miserable (ALS). In addition, it is vital to keep in mind that some adversities - like a quadriplegic rolling around in a big clunky power wheelchair or someone missing a limb or 2 are nearly impossible to ignore, while others are completely hidden with no outward appearances, such as PTSD, Epilepsy, Cancer, or Crohn’s - among many others.
The point is - be mindful that regardless of ability, WE ALL face daily challenges. Thankfully, with a little discipline and forming habits such as proper nutrition, movement/exercise, healthy self-care practices, expanding your comfort zone, and learning & developing new skills are all proven methods & strategies that can enhance resilience & overall well-being. This is likely to make a positive impact on your true self by building confidence & providing you with the fuel necessary to overcome struggles - allowing you to nudge yourself ever closer toward realizing YOUR full potential...whatever that may be.

ig (3).jpg

3 - The Flower/Daisy = Empathy & Peace

Yes that is a flower - a daisy to be exact.

(like this beautiful little specimen here)







The daisy flower tucked stem-first into the barrel of the gun represents “peace,” reminiscent of the 1967 Pulitzer Prize-nominated photograph Flower Power.
















Additional inspiration comes from the olive branch clutched in the Eagle’s right talons on the Great Seal/Coat of Arms of the United States.
















Of course, striving to attain a peaceful resolution to our differences/problems requires compassion & empathy - and should always be the first & preferred way to settle disputes. Unfortunately, sometimes this can be useless and peace can’t be achieved, which can lead to occasions where a less amicable solution may be necessary. Which leads us to…

ig (5).jpg
ig (7).jpg
ig (4).jpg
ig (8).jpg

4 - The Gun = Tools & Technology
Here’s the detail that gets the most attention - the gun.
You either love it or hate it.

It resembles an AK-47.
A lot of people think guns are bad or scary. But guess what? Just like Humpfree, this gun IS NOT REAL! So why would I feature a fake gun in USAbled’s design? 
The short answer = I like the way it looks. 
The long answer = It’s more complicated than that. 
A gun is a tool/technology - no better or no worse than any other tool or technology: a hammer, a computer, a pencil, a toothbrush, etc. We often rely on a variety of tools to help us Battle Through the Bullsh*t and Dominate our Day.
Like every tool, a gun is only as good or as bad as the individual using it, and if used properly a gun is a true lifesaver. That is important to remember.
Fortunately - depending on our needs - many tools are 100% FREE.  
For example, if you are challenged by stress on a regular basis Meditation and/or Breathing Energizers are effective ways to help enhance your sense of well-being, and if used properly these tools can be extremelybeneficial for both physical & mental health and can often help you keep your cool. At the same time, certain tools can be downright disastrous if used improperly - or in the wrong hands.
It's the Yin & Yang principle and explains why in the hands of a bad-a$$ with a gun can be a life-saving HERO, while in the hands of an idiot can be life-ending & destructive. I’m also fully aware that gun violence is a major problem in America and I understand there are unintended consequences of this powerful tool. 
However, in Humpfree’s case, the fictional gun serves as a vivid metaphor to WEAPONIZE YOUR WEAKNESS.
So before any judgment - please consider the 3 following truths: 
#1 Humpfree’s gun IS NOT real - it never was, and it never will be.
#2 As long as the 2nd Amendment remains legal and protected by our Constitution, USAbled encourages proper training, handling, and respect of LEGAL and responsible gun usage and ownership for registered & qualified citizens

#3 This site has nothing to do with guns and this is the first & last mention of it.
Similarly…another point I would like to make is; Regardless of the situation our Armed Forces finds itself in - USAbled supports, embraces, andis forever grateful for all of the sacrifice made by every single member of our military (including military-affiliated students, veterans, active duty, Guard, and Reserves) as well as all Emergency, Protection & Front-Line workers
Whew - I hope that clears up any controversy and quells any fears.

ig (2).jpg

5 - Mindset = Mental & Emotional Intelligence
It all begins at the top…As above so below.
A crucial component to the quality of life we all deserve lies buried somewhere deep within the skull - our mindset.
The mind dictates everything. 
It's kinda sad to truly recognize that, as humans, great as we are - THE ONLY thing we have full 100% control over is our thoughts - that's it! One stupid thing. Think about that for a second. If someone on the road does something unfriendly or rude, how you react is totally up to you. Engage, and it could end in senseless violence. Or, through practice and repetition, you train yourself to consciously choose to take a deep breath, stay composed, ignore it, and move on. This is obviously easier said than done, but it’s true nonetheless.
Controlling emotions in difficult or frustratingcircumstances is the winning formula necessary for any kind of true growth or progress to occur...which is why true warriors are seemingly superhuman as they navigate unbelievably stressful life & death scenarios. Unfortunately, it seems more and more common these days, but interacting with ignorant or annoying individuals (Vampires), draining enormous levels of energy. Knowing this, USAbled aims to promote strategies and coping mechanisms to improve mental self-care to help increase self-worth and reduce negative thoughts…and I have had many. This is why the following element is so vital…


6 - Community = Your Team/Tribe
Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people produce uncommon results. Regardless of talents, experiences, education, age, or income - none of us can make it through this life without the help of others along the way. Humans (even introverts) are social animals, and it is vital to have a strong support network of family, friends, and others (aka your tribe). Additionally, for those of us with disabilities, it can be beneficial to connect with peeps in similar circumstances. Sharing experiences and problem-solving skills is a wise way to kick-a$$. 
Plus, many long-lasting friendships are crystallized over shared emotional experiences - hopefully something in the “fun” category - but even sharing an un-fun experience can lead us toward like-minded people who might become a new lifelong friend.

What do you think? Did I answer any questions you had regarding USAbled?
If not, please let me know. 
The overarching goal of USAbled is to help you
Battle the Bullsh*t you may come across every now and then. Choosing to Own Your Ability, Not Disability can provide the momentum to Dominate Your Day, allowing you to inch ever closer to
become the best  version of yourself.

I am not a medical or psychological expert/doctor - just a dude who has been through a fair share of Bullsh*t, yet, no matter what, has always made it through. If anything here bothers you, feel free to exit this webpage.
Peace, good luck & goodbye