USAbled - About

USAbled is the brainchild of a C4 Quad/Power-chair Pilot. It's a bummer, but life is littered with trials & hardships. In my case, a nasty Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) left me needing a wheelchair. Over the years I have endured numerous infections, wounds, and surgeries (aka bullsh*t), that threatened my physical health, strained family & social relationships, and wreaked havoc on my mental/emotional wellbeing. The ultimate target audience of USAbled is ME…more specifically, a younger/newly injured version of me. By sharing my experiences - especially the mistakes - I hope to prevent you from going through some of the B.S. that I went through - as well as participating in Narrative Therapy in the process.

I intend to promote & spread the word to build an audience/community of readers/followers, but that’s not the primary goal of USAbled. With a primary focus on those of us in the rolling lifestyle (aka affected by mobility impairment/chair users), this site aims to actively improve all aspects of health & wellness (Physical, Social, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual, etc.) and enhance the quality of life for ANYONE - regardless of ability - by fostering confidence and providing motivation to help you conquer personal challenges. By cultivating skills needed to empower you to maximize your true potential and create amazing opportunities & experiences, and allow you to live life on your own terms…For the good of all and harm to none.